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When it comes to keeping children hydrated, our Kitty Kat Mini Cooler is the perfect solution. This charming water dispenser kids will love is designed to encourage hydration through fun and engagement. Shaped like an adorable kitty, this water dispenser kids find irresistible makes drinking water a delightful experience.


Crafted from high-quality, BPA-free materials, this water dispenser kids can use safely and confidently. The durable construction ensures that the water dispenser kids rely on will last through countless refills and uses. Parents can rest easy knowing that the health and safety of their children are a top priority with our Kitty Kat Mini Cooler.


The whimsical design of this water dispenser kids adore captures their imagination and makes drinking water an exciting activity. Its vibrant, cartoonish appearance is not just for looks – it actively engages children, turning a simple act into a fun and educational routine. This water dispenser kids can operate with ease helps develop their hand-eye coordination and fosters a sense of independence as they mimic adult behaviors.


Our water dispenser kids can easily handle is designed with simplicity in mind. Its user-friendly operation is tailored for little hands, making it easy for kids to fill their cups with minimal assistance. The compact size of this water dispenser kids can use anywhere makes it perfect for home, classroom, or on-the-go hydration. Its portability means you can bring the Kitty Kat Mini Cooler on picnics, outings, and trips, ensuring your child always has access to fresh water.


Transform hydration into a fun and healthy habit with our Kitty Kat Mini Cooler. This engaging water dispenser kids will love not only quenches their thirst, but also promotes healthy hydration habits from a young age. Choose the Kitty Kat Mini Cooler today and watch as your child embraces the joy of staying hydrated with their very own water dispenser kids find delightful.

Kitty Kat Water Dispenser Kids

SKU: 032223-02
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Mini Dispenser with two resueable cups. 
    Dimensions: 8.5"h x 4"w x 4"d
    Weight: 0.45 lbs


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