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YOYO World is an industry leader that distributes tween to teen-focused toy and cosmetic products through wholesale, retail, and direct-to-consumer channels. We offer a range of categories including DIY crafts, compounds, toys that cater to different age groups from fidget toys to general play as well as HBA, bath, essentials and emergency goods. For over a decade, YOYO has been transforming traditional ideas of play and toys, bringing to you YOYO World, "All Things Loved"!

At YOYO, we are trend and fashion-focused, bringing to life a variety of products that cater to kids with a special love for toys. Our success in the industry is evident through the launch of the most successful trend products in kid categories, such as our brand of Squeezeables™ Squishie toys, Bath Bomb Surprises, and DIY Slime kits.

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Welcome to the brands of YOYO World, where we bring the latest trends in toys and games to young girls! We believe in encouraging girls to explore their interests and have fun, so we strive to offer the newest and most exciting toys. Our selection includes fashion dolls, interactive board games, and wholesale fidget toys, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Designed to help young girls develop their imaginations, confidence, and creativity, our toys are perfect for inspiring endless hours of play. Wholesale fidget toys are particularly popular for their calming and focusing benefits, making them ideal for both play and Wholesale fidget toys relaxation. Come explore YOYO World and find something special, from fashion dolls to wholesale fidget toys, and everything in between. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday gift or looking to add to your toy collection, our diverse range ensures you’ll find the perfect toy. 


Discover the magic of wholesale fidget toys and other innovative products that bring joy and creativity to young minds. Visit us today and see why YOYO World is the go-to destination for trendsetting toys and games for girls. Shop now and enjoy the excitement of the latest toys, including our extensive range of wholesale fidget toys, designed to inspire and delight.

Krunch POP
Cloud 9 Smile
Bubble Bombs
Squeezeables Super Soft Toy
Pillow Pudding Jumbo
Water Squeezeables
A Kid Playing with Emoji Press Game
"Went from kicking walls before dinner to asking if she could help cook"
- Emily's Mom
DIY SLIME Confetti
“I couldn’t get her out of her room. She was always on her iPad. Now she’s having Slime parties with friends from school!”
- Jackie’s Dad
YOYO Lipgloss
"You gave me my daughter back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Happy Mom
All Things Loved
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