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Glow Sticks Necklaces for Kids: Fun and Safe Nighttime Activities

Nighttime adventures for kids can be a blast, but ensuring their safety while keeping the fun factor high can sometimes be a challenge. Enter glow sticks necklaces—a simple, affordable, and captivating solution that illuminates evening activities while adding a layer of safety and excitement. In this blog, we’ll explore various fun and safe nighttime activities for kids that can be enhanced with the use of glow sticks necklaces, along with tips for their safe usage and creative DIY ideas.

Benefits of Glow Sticks Necklaces for Kids

Safety: One of the primary benefits of glow sticks necklaces is enhanced visibility. When kids wear glow necklaces, they are easier to spot in low-light conditions. This is particularly useful during outdoor activities like camping, evening picnics, or even just playing in the backyard. The bright, glowing light makes it easier for adults to keep an eye on their children, reducing the risk of accidents.

Fun and Entertainment: Glow sticks necklaces are inherently fun. They come in a variety of colors and can be twisted, looped, and shaped into different forms. This versatility makes them a great addition to any nighttime activity, providing both entertainment and a visually appealing element to games and events.

Versatility: Glow necklaces are not just for wearing around the neck. They can be used in a multitude of creative ways, from marking boundaries in a scavenger hunt to being used as props in a glow in the dark dance party. This versatility means they can be adapted to fit a wide range of activities, making them a must-have for any parent planning nighttime fun for their kids.

Fun Nighttime Activities with Glow Sticks Necklaces

Glow in the Dark Hide and Seek

  • Description: Transform the classic game of hide and seek into a glowing adventure. Each child wears a glow stick necklace, making it easier to spot them as they hide and seek in the dark.

  • Safety Tips: Ensure the play area is safe and free from obstacles. Adult supervision is crucial to ensure kids don’t wander too far or get hurt.

Glow Stick Dance Party

  • Setup: Turn your backyard or living room into a glowing dance floor. Play some upbeat music and let the kids dance with their glow necklaces.

  • Ideas: Create dance competitions or choreographed dances where kids can use their glow necklaces as props. This not only makes the party more exciting, but also encourages creativity and coordination.

Nighttime Scavenger Hunt

  • Creating the Hunt: Use glow necklaces to mark different locations and hide small glowing items around your yard or park.

  • Clues and Rewards: Provide clues that lead to the glowing markers. At each marker, kids can find small rewards or further instructions, adding an element of mystery and adventure to the game.

Outdoor Camping Fun

  • Camping Games: Incorporate glow sticks necklaces into your camping trip. Use them to play games like “Glow Tag” or “Capture the Glow.”

  • Enhancement: Use glow sticks to light up the inside of tents, mark trails, or create a glowing ring toss game. These activities can make camping more enjoyable and memorable for kids.

Safety Tips for Using Glow Necklaces

Supervision: Always ensure that an adult is supervising activities involving glow necklaces, especially with younger children. While glow sticks are generally safe, accidents can happen.

Proper Usage: Educate children on how to properly use glow sticks. Instruct them not to bend them too much to avoid breakage and potential leakage of the contents.

Non-Toxic Materials: Ensure that the glow sticks necklaces you purchase are made from non-toxic materials. This is particularly important if the glow stick is accidentally punctured or broken.

DIY Glow Sticks Necklaces Projects

Homemade Glow Necklaces: You can create your own glow necklaces at home by combining glow sticks with various beads and charms. This can be a fun pre-activity before your nighttime event, allowing kids to personalize their own glow necklaces.

Customization Ideas: Encourage children to customize their glow necklaces. They can add small charms, beads, or even attach small toys to make their glow necklaces unique.

Educational Crafting: Turn the crafting process into a learning opportunity. Teach kids about the science behind glow sticks—how they work, the chemical reaction involved, and why they glow. This makes the activity both fun and educational.

Purchasing Guide for Glow Necklaces

Best Brands: When buying glow necklaces, look for reputable brands that ensure quality and safety. Brands like Lumistick and Glow With Us are known for their reliable and long-lasting glow products.

Bulk Buying Tips: If you’re planning a large event or party, consider buying glow necklaces in bulk. This is often more cost-effective and ensures you have plenty of glow sticks for everyone.

Cost-Effectiveness: While glow sticks are relatively inexpensive, it’s worth considering the cost vs. benefit of different types. Some glow necklaces are designed to last longer and glow brighter, which might be worth the extra cost for certain activities.


Glow sticks necklaces are a versatile, fun, and safe way to enhance nighttime activities for kids. Whether it’s a glow-in-the-dark hide and seek game, a glowing dance party, or a nighttime scavenger hunt, these simple accessories can transform ordinary activities into extraordinary adventures. Remember to always supervise children during these activities, use non-toxic products, and encourage creativity through DIY projects. By incorporating glow sticks necklaces into your evening plans, you’re sure to create memorable experiences filled with light, laughter, and lots of glowing fun.

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